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Innova / Oct 30, 2016

After merging with Natural Selection on Wednesday we finally got our roster sorted and it shows because the same week we managed to kill Xavius Heroic! I'm really pleased with how smooth the merger went and very impressed with the people that join...

Innova / Oct 16, 2016

Due to some absences we only got a 10 man raid together but Cenarius didn't stand a chance, getting one shotted this time. We had some tries on Xavius but unfortunately our raid setup compatible so we did a quick normal clear. One and a half hours...

Innova / Oct 13, 2016

So after Dudeboy decided the ninja pull we actually just ended up killing it 😂 So I guess good job? haha. Also got a really nice first try on Cenarius getting him to 11% so I'm positive he will go down soon!

Innova / Oct 09, 2016

After struggling to get the right setup for the last week and half our patience payed of today killing three new HC bosses putting us up to a total of 4/7 HC. Really nice raid and thanks to everyone for being there! Let's see what we can do next w...

Innova / Sep 25, 2016

The first week of raiding is done and we managed to clear normal without too many issues and on top of that we also got the first boss down in heroic! Great job everyone in the guild, we have a really good group of people and I'm sure we have lots...

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